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Golf Cart Solar Roof Panel Chargers
Solar Panel as the Roof Top, 220 Watts

Solar Panel as the Roof Top, 220 Watts

Solar Panel as the Roof Top, 220 Watts
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The solar roof replacement golf cart top has been increased in power to 220 watts in April, 2014.

Protect the environment and save energy by converting your golf cart of solar power. The solar panel converts sunlight directly to electricity which charges the battery bank.

Thirty percent of the purchase price of the solar top can be used as a Federal tax credit. This immediately saves you $435 off of the purchase price. If you purchased a new battery bank at the same time, it would also be considered part of the solar system and would qualify for a 30% tax credit.

This solar roof panel kit and smart controller manufactured by Helios Solar Systems is the most efficient combination available, producing 30% more power to the golf cart than the closest competitor. Using photovoltaic panels it has three to fours times greater output than companies using thin film technologies. Depending on location, time of year, and driving on hilly or flat terrain, the 220 watt solar top will extend your driving time 4-12 miles per day. The customer may never have to plug in their golf cart! The 220 watt crystalline photovoltaic solar panel becomes the actual top of the golf cart and is connected to the battery bank via cables. It is great for golf carts on long, hilly golf courses, neighborhood electric vehicles in golf cart communities, maintenance workers' vehicles that are driven all day, and transport golf carts. It would be excellent on the Starter or Ranger's cart that is driven all day long.

Because the solar panel is the actual golf cart roof, it is readily apparent that this is a solar-powered electric hybrid vehicle.

By using solar power to operate the golf cart, the consumption of approximately 350 lbs of coal PER YEAR for electricity generation can be eliminated as well as the emission of 1,100 lbs of CO2 PER YEAR into the atmosphere (based on using the cart to its maximum potential of five sun-hours of peak sun).

The golf cart solar panel charging kit is designed by researchers from the University of Florida and is manufactured in the USA. We are committed to providing cost effective, practical, and sustainable solutions in solar-powered transportation.


-Go Green and lower environmental degradation.
-Lower electricity bills.
-Increase the mileage/range on your golf cart by at least 8 miles per day.
-Increase battery life by 25-50%.
-The solar roof panel kit fits most golf cart makes and models, including the newer Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO RXV, and Yamaha Drive. It also converts to solar power Bad Boy Buggies, Stealth, HDK, Zone, and Star golf carts. More models are being added, so please call Customer Service if you do not see your cart on the list below.
-Every component has been chosen for maximum performance, functionality, and reliability.
-30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, state sales taxes do not apply to this solar purchase.


-A powerful 220 watt photovoltaic solar panel.
-Design uses the solar panel as the roof top of the golf cart.
-Includes the complete kit of the solar panel top, smart controller, battery gauge, hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.
-Sturdy black aluminum frame, built in handrails, and stainless steel hardware.
-Charge controller monitors and optimizes the charging process for high power output. Controller has built in overload and reverse polarity protection.
-High grade industrial wiring and connectors.
-Simple and quick assembly. Excellent installation instructions.
-Features a gauge to monitor battery status.
-Dimensions are 66" long, 46.4" wide, and 3" deep.
-Available with a black or white frame.
-Weighs 60 lbs.
-Fits on a 2 or 4 passenger golf cart. .
-Solar panel charges 36 Volt or 48 Volt golf carts.
-Is UL approved and manufactured in ISO 9001.

See below for a universal solar panel kit mounted to the existing top of most golf carts generating 100 watts of power.

Because the tops are big and bulky, they are shipped truck freight to a commercial or business address.

NEW! See below a picture of our new and most powerful 270 watt solar top. It is shown on a Star Car. This top weighs 70 lbs and its dimensions are 84" x 46" x 3".  Because of this weight and size, an extra set of braces are usually required at the back.  The Star Car is an exception becuase the existing top support are quite strong.

Below are two pictures of an 8 passenger Club Car Villager and one of 2 E-Z-GO Shuttle 6 golf carts with 410 watts of solar power. Call Customer Service if you are interested in this option, 727-487-6616.  The construction of a halo on the underside of this top is required to support the 130 lb. weight and dimensions of 140" x 45" x 3".

Below is a picture of the 205 watt on a rugged Stealth cart.

Below is a picture of Peter Lecoq, President of Granby Trading Co, driving his own personal solar golf cart with the 220 wattroof kit.

The Norfolk Southern Railway chose to convert to solar  its entire 24-cart fleet at its Brosnan Forest conference facility, a 14,400-acre private preserve near Charleston, SC. The 220 watt solar roof kits fit with their goal to preserve the ecology and environment of the facility.

Two year warranty on all parts.

Below are pictures of the battery gauge and the universal mounting system shown on a Club Car Precedent.

Below are the components of the 220 watt solar roof replacement kit.

Made in the USA.



Check out this August 16, 2012 story about Peter Lecoq, President of Granby Trading Co, which describes his personal solar golf cart.


Click here for Solar Golf Cart Frequently Asked Questions and for Technical specifications for the 205 Watt Solar Roof Panel.

Click here for Technical Specifications and Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal Solar Roof Panel.

Click here to view pictures of solar golf carts in our Solar Golf Cart Photo Gallery.

Universal Solar Panel for All Golf Carts

Universal Solar Panel for All Golf Carts

Universal Solar Panel for All Golf Carts
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This solar roof panel kit is the most powerful Universal solar roof top kit available with a 100 watt panel. It works well with golf carts driven about 6 miles and more per day in peak sun. As a rule of thumb, for every hour it is out in the sun, it will drive one mile further.

The picture to the right is the Universal solar top on a Star Golf Cart.

-The solar kit is a low cost high performance solar charging system for any 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart.
-Mounts on top of your existing golf cart roof. Uses Z-bracket mounting feet and stainless steal bolts to attach to the top. The bolt head underneath includes fender washers and a rubber seal.
-Wiring is through the rear top support.
-Dimensions are 47" x 32"
-Weight is 28 lbs.
-Extends the life of your batteries by a minimum of 25% because the solar power keeps a constant charge when the golf cart is outside.
-The solar roof panel is a complete kit including the solar panel, all stainless steel mounting hardware, and the intelligent controller.
-The photovoltaic solar panel is held securely in a sturdy aluminum frame.
-The kit features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller that monitors and optimizes the charging process for high power output and reverse polarity protection.
-Simple and easy to install.
-Charges a 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart battery bank.
-A universal solar panel that will fit on all golf carts including Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Star, Tomberlin E-Merge, Bad Boy Buggie, and Fairplay golf carts.
-30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal Tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, state sales taxes do not apply to the solar purchase.

Below are the components for the universal 100 watt solar kit.

Two year warranty on all parts and labor.

Dealers who bought the golf cart solar roof panel kit were also interested in rubber traction mats made from recycled NASCAR tires and the battery maintenance system.

Granby Trading Co., Inc. offers a full range of golf cart accessories and golf cart parts. The golf cart solar roof kit appeals to drivers concerned about the environment, the escalating cost of gas, and the need to drive longer distances. The solar golf cart sits out in the sun and can be taken off the grid and never plugged in again.  Click on any of the golf cart products on the left to get full details and descriptions. We work with golf cart dealers only and provide responsive, quality service. You can be assured that we will deliver the best golf cart accessories available.

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