Pictures of Solar Golf Carts
Stealth 220 Beach Patrol

Stealth 220 Beach Patrol

Naples, FL Solar Stealth on Beach Patrol, April, 2014.

Here is a lifted and completely decked out Naples, FL Life Guard vehicle topped with a 220 watt solar roof panel. The Stealth has not been made since 2013.

Classic Custom Solar Golf Carts at a Barbados Resort

Below is a blue '57 Chevy and a red Shelby Cobra custom made solar golf carts for a resort in the Barbados.  April, 2012.

Picture of Peter Lecoq driving his personal solar golf cart.

Peter no longer uses his car to make local trips around town.  Instead, he uses his 2002 Club Car DS
powered by a HSC 205 watt solar panel. The cart is completely street legal. In the great central Florida
sun, he has not been plugged the cart in since he received it. September, 2011.

Check out this artice written about Peter's solar golf cart, August 16, 2012

Custom Built Trike with HSC 100 watt solar roof panel.

This custom solar trike was designed and built by William S. Rake, Reynoldsville, PA, September, 2011.


Detroit Zoo


Below is a picture of Ron Kagan, Director of the Detroit Zoo, with one of their 40 solar carts (SG 120's) taken at the giraffe habitat and one of Gloria Copeland at the gorilla habitat



Patricia Mills Janeway, Communications Director, Detroit Zoological Society:  "The solar panels appear to be working as promised.  Mike Nevala and other employees have noted that the carts seem to remain sufficiently charged for our daily normal use, which is usually light to moderate without the need to plug them in.  Based on what we have seen so far, we believe it would be possible to rely on solar charging for at least 60% of our normal golf cart use, only wall charging during periods of exceptionally heavy use."  June, 2009.

Picture of a Solar HSC 270 on a Club Car Hunt VE

Owned by Michael Malone, Hattiesburg, MS.  Extra supports were added by the owner to hold the back weight of the 270 panel roof. March, 2011.

410 Watt Solar Roof Tops on 6 passenger E-Z-GO Shuttle 6 golf carts for the College of Wooster and Owens Community College in Ohio.

Custom 6 passenger E-Z-GO Shuttle 6 golf carts to the College of Wooster and Owens Community College in Ohio.  The carts are painted in the school colors and have the college's custom logo on the cowl. February, 2011.


Solar HSC Universal 130 watt and 205 solar roof replacement top on two HDK Golf Carts


Below left is a HSC 130 Universal Solar roof panel on a HDK golf cart.  To the right is the HSC 205 watt solar roof replacement.  In the foreground from the left is Spiro Mavromates, President, Helios Solar Chargers, Dave Broker, Store Manager, Fairway Golf Carts, Palm Harbor, Florida, and Peter Lecoq, President, Granby Trading Co. This was the first installation of our solar chargers on HDK golf carts. October, 2010. 


SG 187 on a Security Golf Cart


Below is a picture of a solar security vehicle at a condominum complex in San Bruno, California.




The HSC 205 on an E-Z-GO Med/TXT on a Florida golf course.




The high school students who are part of a Lockheed Martin Engineering Post in Colorado choose our HSC 205 watt solar panel as the focus of a project to convert a golf cart to solar power. They concluded in June 2010 that the panel was more efficient for the wattage  than a competitor.





Testimonial from the City of Fort Collins, HSC 100 on a Yamaha Drive

"Here are a couple of pictures and some information on our new 48 volt Yamaha Drive electric golf cart we used in a pilot program to test out the advantages of a solar panel to help maintain the charge. This cart is used by our yard crew that maintains the grounds at our Drake Water Reclamation Facility. We installed your Universal 100 watt solar panel on 6/13/12 with a full charge on the batteries. The yard crew was instructed not to plug the charger in until the cart would not move anymore due to low battery. So the next dates it had to be plugged in are 6/25/12, 3 times in July, 3 times in August, 1 once in September, 1 once in October and 11/13/12 to present. We have three more of these carts that the Operations Dept. uses that are not equipped with any solar panels and they are plugged into chargers at the end of every day. Communicating this data to management they see this pilot program as a success and therefore would like to equip the other carts as well.
We are a big user of Electrical power in the waste water business and are always searching for ways to save. Also would like to note that we are a ISO 14001 Certified Facility, an Environmental management system for the Municipal Water Reclamation and Treatment including Administration, Operations, Maintenance, Laboratory, Solids Handling, and Associated Activities. Every little bit counts when it has an effect on our environment." Jerry Y, City of Fort Collins, Drake Water Reclamation Facility, November, 2012.