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Golf Cart Radio Sound System and Voltage Converter
Radio Sound System & Console

Radio Sound System & Console

Radio Sound System & Console
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A complete marine-grade sound system for your golf cart, including a Pioneer radio, CD player, and water tight console. The sound system console mounts overhead under the golf cart top roof. It is a turn-key sound system that takes only one hour to install. To the right is the radio stereo system mounted on a Tomberlin Emerge.

-The DEH Pioneer radio is a 50 watts x 4, 200 total watts MOSFET CD player with an AM/FM tuner with a 3 band equalizer.
-Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, and it delivers power with less distortion. This means your music will be clearer at higher volumes.
-The system also Includes a high quality AM/FM antenna.
-The speakers are "Aquavibe" 80 watt coaxial speakers.
-MP3 playback with volume and memory settings.
-Connect portable devices directly through the front AUX input.
-Satellite Radio Ready for XM or Sirius through the front AUX input.
-iPod or MP3 through the front AUX input.
-Card remote control.
-Detachable face for security.
-Comes with a black console.
-The overall console dimensions are 18" length x 8.5" wide x 5" high.
-A universal fit for all golf carts including Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha golf carts.
-The compact stereo unit comes with complete installation instructions. It is bolted to the top and uses self-sealing neoprene washers to prevent roof leaks.
-A weather resistant ABS mobile console housing is built tough using the latest injection molding technologies to provide a durable design.
-The marine speakers are water, UV, and corrosion resistant and have a one-piece molded grill for speaker protection and durability.
-The package does not include a Voltage Converter necessary to convert from 12 volts to your battery pack voltage. The Converter is listed as a separate product below.
-The sound system works with golf cart gas engines that have a 12 volt operating system.
-Please be advised that for electric golf carts the motor generates an electric field that is the same frequency as that of the AM radio. Hence, when the electric cart is under way, a static interference prevents the radio from receiving a clear AM signal.

A foam pad is available to improve the effectiveness of the console installation. This allows for a tighter fit for dome-shaped tops such as the factory tops for the Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO RXV and the Tomberlin E-Merge. Also, the foam lessens vibration to improve sound. The foam is cut to fit the exact dimensions of the console.

The golf cart radio stereo system comes with a one year 100% manufacturer's warranty. The system includes all hardware and installation instructions. See below for pictures of the Pioneer radio, console, and speakers.

A directional map light can be added to the bottom of the radio console. The swivel light is includes an on/off switch. See below a picture of the radio with the swivel light.


The golf cart radio console can also come in one of the following elegant finishes: Burlwood, Carbon Dripped, or Camouflage.  Pictures of these consoles are below.


Made in the USA.

  You may view the golf cart radio Installation Instructions here.

You may download the User's Manual for the Pioneer radio through the following link:
Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter
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A golf cart voltage converter is highly recommended for12 volt accessories that are connect to a 24, 36, or 48 volt golf cart battery pack. Without the converter, one or two of your golf cart batteries might become unduly drained.

For a stereo system, a voltage converter is highly recommended for 48 volt golf carts, which includes most Club Cars, the new E-Z-GO RXV, and Yamaha golf carts. This converter can run a load of 25 amps which is plenty for the sound system (uses 5 amps) and other golf cart accessories such as head lights and brake lights, turn signals, and fans.

-The DC-DC converter in put is 24 to 48 volts; output is 12 volts.
-Draws evenly off the entire golf cart battery pack, not just one or two.
-Provides a continuous charge.
-Weighs 5 lbs.
-Dimensions 3" height x 7" width x 5" depth.
-Thermally protected and sealed against humidity.
-The voltage converter is small and can be mounted to any inconspicuous place.
-All connecting and mounting hardware is included.

One year warranty.


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