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Golf Cart Electric and Propane Heaters
Electric Heater

Electric Heater

Electric Heater
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The golf cart electric heater works on 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72 volt electric golf carts and on 12 volt gas golf carts. The golf cart electric heater is the most rugged and durable unit in the marketplace. This is a safe heater for use in a golf cart.

-The electric heater is the most environmentally-friendly. There are no gas or carbon dioxide emissions. It is a DC (Direct Current) thermal heater.
-The electric heater works well within a golf cart enclosure.
-Gas golf carts would choose the 12 volt electric heater.
-A compact cabinet measures only 5" wide by 4" high and 6" deep. Exterior color is black.
-Polymer composite heating elements encapsulated in a vacuum sealed quartz tube specifically designed for direct current. Infrared, forced air, direct current cabin heater. This system keeps the elements from being exposed which prolongs the life of the heater.  It also protects the elements from damage due to excessive vibration.
-The electric heater has a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, almost 4 times the life of a standard heater.
-It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
-The 36 volt DC heater is rated at 20 amps, 720 watts, and 3528 maximum BTU's. The 48 volt DC heater is rated at 20 amps, 672 volts, and 3293 maximum BTU's. The 12 volt DC heater is rated at 30 amps, 360 watts, and 1764 maximum BTU's. Heaters with higher maximum BTU's are also available.
-Because the heater causes a 20 amp pull off the batteries, continuous use for long periods of time may cause a drain on the batteries.
-Four reflector plates are used to direct the heat outward making the heater very  efficient.
-The heater is 50% more efficient than standard alloy elements, using the same power or amperage.
-Constructed out of T5052 Vinyl Clad Aluminum.
-Uses a Motor Mount Vibration System.
-A toggle switch has 3 setting, high, low, and off. The switch is on the right side of the picture above, outside of view.
-Comes complete with all necessary wiring and mounting hardware.

Two year parts and labor warranty, which is unmatched in the industry!
Propane Gas Heater

Propane Gas Heater

Propane Gas Heater
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Keep warm in your golf cart on those cool days with this propane gas heater. Safe for use inside an enclosure. Portable for golf cart, boat, and camp site.

-The new version uses the latest technology to put out maximum heat.
-Piezo matchless ignition system.
- Includes a molded plastic cup holder to be placed in the golf cart drink holder which accommodates a 16.4 oz. disposable propane gas cylinder (cylinder is not included).
-The heater also comes with a large paddlefoot plastic base.
-On-off control knob with adjustable regulator from 2,500 BTU's to a high of 6,000 BTU's.
-An auto shut off valve turns off the heater if the propane flame extinguishes or the heater tips over.
-Operates up to eight hour on a 16.4 oz. propane container.
-Quiet heater element .

Golf Cart Steering Column Mount

Golf Cart Steering Column Mount

Golf Cart Steering Column Mount
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The steering column mounted holder allows you to keep your sand bottle or drink handy and frees up space in the back of the cart for other attachments.

--Hold has a slot for sand bottle or drink handles
--Made of heavy duty plastic.
--Mounted to the steering wheel column.
--More than one can be mounted to the steering column.
--Used for sand bottle, propane heater, coffee mug, oversized drink cups, and a long-necked beer can.

Here are some pictures of the propane heater and two sand bottles.

Made in the USA.


The propane heater works really great. I drive my golf cart to each of five neighborhood courses, and, during the winter, my hands usually freeze.  No longer. The heater is a great product that delivers its promise. Pete, Sun City, AZ, December, 2011.

Dealers and golf courses who purchased the gas or propane heater were also interested in the heated seat cover and floor mats.

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