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Golf Cart Floor Mats
Diamond Golf Cart Floor Mat

Diamond Golf Cart Floor Mat

Diamond Golf Cart Floor Mat
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These elegant floor mats are made to fit the most popular Club, E-Z-GO and Yamaha golf carts. They are flexible, tough, and durable. Why use a metal mat again?

--The golf cart floor mats come in three elegant metallic colors: red, silver, and blue. The mats are also available in a grey, white, red, blue, and black matte finishes.
--100% pure vinyl. Flexible and tough!
--UV resistant.
--Chemical resistant.
--The floor mats are replacements for the factory mat. Just remove the existing mat and keep the fasteners which will be used to secure the new mat in place.
--Wash the mat with mild soap and water.
--120 day warranty for workmanship and quality of the mat.
--Mat patterns are available for the Club Car DS, Club Car Precedent, E-Z-GO TXT, and Yamaha Drive golf carts.

For older golf carts or other makes and models, we can send an uncut 3' x 4' mat which can be cut to your dimensions. Buy as second uncut mat and cover the club rack well and the flatbed of a cargo utility box in the same fabric and the front floor mat.

To the right is the floor mat in the silver metallic finish. Below is the vinyl floor mat in the gray matte finish.

Customer John Mack, below, is showing off his custom Club Car with our silver diamond floor mat. He says, "The mat fit perfectly. It looks really good and is functional. Your price was the best!" John Mack, Tarpon Springs, FL, March, 2010

Below are the elegant three metallic colors of red, blue, and silver. They are followed by the grey, black, red and blue matte colors. The white matte color is not shown.

Made in the USA.

Please allow seven days before the mats are shipped.
Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber Floor Mat
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A heavy duty golf cart floor mat made out of rubber.  To the right is the full cut floor mat in red on a Yamaha Drive.  The mat also comes as a half cut for the floor only.

--Custom cut to fit the golf cart.
--Comes as a full or half mat for the Club Car DS, Precedent, E-Z-GO TXT, E-Z-GO RXV, and the Yamaha Drive.
--Easy to wash.
--Pattern has hundreds of small circle wells.
--Comes in 13 colors: black, grey, light grey, tan, ivory, crystal clear, white, yellow, pink, red, blue, burgundy, and brown. 
--Made of "Rubber Tite," a durable and long lasting heavy weight composition rubber.
--Easy to install by placing over existing mat.

This mat can also be purchased in a 4' x 5' uncut roll. It can then be cut to fit the front floor mat of older golf cart makes and models. Also, it can be used to cover a bag rack well or a cargo box flatbed in a matching color to the front floor mat.

Below is a picture of the yellow full mat on a Club Car DS with a horn cut out.

Covered by a 5 year warranty.

The color chart is below:


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Granby Trading Co., Inc. offers a full range of golf cart accessories and golf cart parts. Let your customers choose from a variety of golf cart floor mats in colors for their Club Car, E-Z-GO or yamaha golf cart.   Click on any of the golf cart products on the left to get full details and descriptions. We work with golf cart dealers only and provide responsive, quality service. You can be assured that we will deliver the best golf cart accessories available.

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