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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance System
Battery Life Saver

Battery Life Saver

Battery Life Saver
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The Battery Life Saver™ is an electronic device that brings golf cart dead batteries back to life, restores functioning batteries to new condition, and maintains golf cart batteries from losing capacity and life.

Between 70% and 80% of lead acid batteries on golf carts fail prematurely because of the formation of lead sulfate on the plates. This crystal buildup acts as an insulator which impedes the golf cart batteries' ability to charge and discharge thereby reducing the natural life of the batteries by approximately one third. The Battery Life Saver electronic device uses radio waves which constantly chip away to dissolve these lead sulfate crystals and return the sulfate back to the battery acid solution.

Please note that the Battery Life Saver will not work on a golf cart battery that has an open or shorted cell. An obvious indication of a shorted cell are signs of the battery swelling. Please see below for a quick test you can use to determine if one of your batteries is shorted out. If you find that one of your batteries is truly dead, then you will need to replace that battery before using the Battery Life Saver to restore the rest of your battery bank.

--Rejuvenates each battery or battery bank while the golf cart is operating.

--Restores dead or barely usable batteries. Depending on the weakened condition of the batteries, it may take 6 to 8 weeks to return the batteries to a condition where they charge and discharge like a new battery.

--Extends by 2 to 3 times the life of the batteries.

--Protect your golf cart batteries as long as possible and save the $600-$800 replacement cost.

--Works on 36-volt (most E-Z-GO's) and 48-volt (most Club Cars and Yamaha's) golf carts.

--The golf cart battery system is reverse protected. If it is hooked up in reverse, it will draw current but will not damage the battery or the electronic drive.

--Dimensions: 4.5" wide X 2.25" deep X 2" high and weighs 11.4 oz.

--The electronics are potted in an anodized aluminum heat sink, protecting them from the environment.

--Comes with 3/8 lugs for attachments and full installation instructions.

--One year warranty on parts and labor.

The Battery Life Saver carries a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If it does not do what we say, you may return it for a full refund.


"LOVE selling the Battery Life Savers!!!!!  Now more than ever I know these things work.  Our ZONE batteries are 5 years old so the majority of my calls are people needing help replacing the batteries and guess what- NOT ONE SINGLE caller got a BLS.  Not one single call from a customer needing to replace batteries that purchased a BLS when we told them to!  Now that these folks see the ROI on one, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a good amount of orders from us again.  Just thought I’d share." Jeke M., Drive Electric, Manufacturer of Zone golf carts., AZ., June, 2014.

I have had the Battery Life Saver installed on my 48 volt golf car for about 4 weeks. My 2003 cart is equipped with a high speed rear end and when I first purchased the cart it averaged speeds between 21 and 23 MPH. Two years after I purchased the cart, it was only going about 15 MPH. After 3 weeks with the BLS my cart is back to going 23 MPH and I am now able to play 54 holes of golf while using my CD player, on a single charge! Frank Whites, PGA Professional

"This is wonderful! Now my former 9 hole cart will go more than 45 holes. I wished that I had know of this when I owned the golf course; it would have saved me a lot of money and headaches. The Battery Life Saver is 'a must own' for any battery powered vehicle." John Yavorski, Escanaba, MI, October 2008.

Made in the USA.

For extensive test results of the battery maintenance system, check out what a golf cart dealer found.  

For an eight minute video on the Battery Life Saver, please follow this link:

There is an additional page of  Frequently Asked Questions about the Battery Life Saver.

It is advised that you test for a shorted or open battery before you install the Battery Life Saver. In this way, you will know if the Battery Life Saver system will be able to restore your batteries.

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Granby Trading Co., Inc. offers a full range of golf cart accessories and golf cart parts.  The golf cart Battery Life Saver system restores and extends the life of golf cart batteries.  Every golf course should save money and install the battery maintenance system on all of their golf carts. Click on any of the golf cart products on the left to get full details and descriptions. We work with golf cart dealers only and provide responsive, quality service.

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