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FAQ's for the Air Conditioner and Heating System

Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Information

Air Conditioner and Heating System


What is the System?

The golf cart air conditioning system is designed to mount on a golf cart and perform as a compact air cooler, a sanitary beverage cooler, and, with a flick of a switch, a heater.

How easy is it to operate?

Very Easy. The user simply adjusts the amount of airflow they want. Then, an automatic sensor activates the unit when the person sits down and deactivates the unit when they stand to leave the cart.  There is also a "blast" switch that works in both the cooling and heating modes to provide a quick, high velosity stream of air.

What about installation?

The system is preassembled and can be installed in approximately fifteen minutes on most golf carts. Since it weights only ten pounds, it is easily handled.

Can the unit be easily stolen?

No, the system uses a bracket that can only be accessed by removing the basin.  The basin can only be removed by the owner's proprietary key.

How does the system keep people cool?

Mounted behind the seats in the golf cart, a body-centric system strips heat and moisture from the ambient air, directing dry, cool air to the back of the neck. The driver or passenger feels comfortably cool while in the cart. The body remembers the cooling directed to the back of the neck, causing the cool feeling to last while outside the cart as well.

Is the system an evaporative cooler or misting system?

The system is a true air conditioner that draws moisture out of the air and, as a result, blows cool, dry air. Unlike evaporative coolers or misting system, the system actually reduces humidity. 

How cold does the air get?

The blast air can get over 50 degrees below ambient temperature on days when the temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  On 90 degree days, it can get down to 30 degrees below ambient temperature. The airflow temperature is maintained as long as the unit has ice.

How much ice does the system use?

In severe heat of 110 degrees, the golf cart air conditioner will use approximately 13 pounds of ice for a typical 18 hole round.  Each system comes with a mold that can be filled up with water and frozen. The system is most efficient and the cooling power lasts significantly longer with block ice.

How does it heat?

The system uses an energy efficient cartridge to heat the air.  It uses the golf cart's low voltage DC system. The heating components are inaccessible by the user.

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